Join in our Pre-ICO and ICO(if necessary) campaigns at the ground level.  We are taking Cryptocurrency under consideration, however this is not needed for PHC Edge to be successful.  Subscribe below to keep up to date and news on launch.

PHC Edge Utility Token


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PHC Edge is considering Cryptocurrency to help restaurants/bars combat losses from fraud. Fraud losses are in the billions each year and Cryptocurrency will only enhance the platform assisting restaurants/bars further.


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Our Pre-ICO Campaign is under consideration currently, but not need to successfully launch our platform .  We may or may not have opportunities for our ICO so be sure to join our Pre-ICO for early savings and ground level opportunities.

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After we raise Pre-ICO funds, a determination will be done to decide if future ICO Token purchase opportunities are needed.  Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to get in on the ground level.  Invest in our Pre-ICO now.

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