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We are an Austin, Texas-based Technology Company that connects consumers with restaurants and bars through our mobile app. Our cutting-edge dining platform is created to help restaurants and bars attract new customers, raise dining frequency, and increase both revenue and profits.  We have spent 18 months testing and perfecting our business model, creating our unique patent pending technology, and developing a state of the art app. 

Additionally, we hired top branding and advertising firms to do market research, perform analytics, and to test advertising and design. Furthermore, we conducted a 6-month beta test in 26 states with over 400 restaurants and over 3,000 paying members. 

PHCedge has been tested and PROVEN in all geographic areas, economic levels, age ranges, genders, and ethnic backgrounds throughout the United States. Millions of dollars have been spent PROVING not only that the PHCedge concept/business model works, but that it is of extreme value, and in high demand by establishment owners, and customers alike.  

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PHC Edge

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